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He-hello, is this thing on?

I'm fairly stunned that I'm the first person posting here. There's no opening topic or anything by the group's founder or anyone remotely related to this nifty project.

Anyways, first I have to say I'm really enjoying this collection of shorts, while I have yet to read them all, I have to say I've so far vastly enjoyed The Man and the Robot, it's a very creative retelling of the old Biblical creation story. I really loved how it added a nice poetic flair and passion to something that's been rehashed half heartedly to death. And Benedice Te has a nice twist on the old mystery genre. To have Algeron's luggage with the planted evidence be discovered prematurely. I felt that did some justice to the story.

By and large it's a very nice collection of short literature.

And here are some suggestions for the programmer...

Zaphino is a gorgeous font. But because of how high and deep the characters are allowed to go there's a ton of vertical white space. Would it be possible to add an option to decrease the line height on that particular font so the extreme vertical characteristics of the font overlap?

I don't pretend to know how much of the iPhone/Touch's RAM or Virtual Memory this might take up, but would it be possible to simply continue to scroll a story vertically, a la mobile Safari?

And on your site, would it be possible to add an RSS feed so we know when to anticipate the next release?

Thank-you for your time!


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